About Me


Hi, I'm Roxie (aka: foxy Roxie), AND I have red hair (most of the time), hence the blog name!  Welcome to my crazy and adventurous life.  
I LOVE coloring my hair often, I'm a Nana to three lil cuties (2 girls, one boy), married to my Grey Wolf for 25 years, and have 4 daughters combined.
I love food, all of it!
If I have the money, I'll buy a plane ticket and just GO!!
I read GIRL POWER books every single day, I think you should too!  {Look up: You are a Badass and Girl Code on Amazon and buy them BOTH right now} 

...a lil more about me...
Girly Girl
Type 1 Diabetic
Date Nights
Hopeless Romantic
Old School
Denver Broncos

I'm SO happy you decided to take a bit of time outta your day to visit me, I hope you'll grab a cup o' coffee/tea and follow along on my adventures of what makes me tick!!
(only my closest friends are allowed to call me this, and I consider YOU one of them)

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